Kalkulator Harga

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Anggaran Jumlah : RM 9.00

Our Floor Stickers will help you promote social distancing in this new normal. Each individuals will be able to realize how a small change on their part can make a big difference towards the community.

Increase brand awareness by using modern way of advertising with our floor stickers. No matter how big or small your business is, whichever sectors you’re in from schools, universities, government or private sector offices, etc. Floor stickers is the most cost-effective way of advertising to create eye-catching campaigns or potential customers. In a way, it’s a must have marketing tool for business owners or entrepreneur like you!

You’re able to customize your sticker label size, type of material, and cutting shape . On top of that, need your stickers tomorrow or same day today? Well, we do have Rush option if you need your stickers at a very last minute period of time!