We provide quick, affordable and easy to use online printing service to print your document for businesses and home users. You dont need to go through the all hassle to visit a print shop, everything can be made online! Choose your desired size, quantity and binding option, make payment, and you’re ready to go.

We have created this special platform to cater your needs 24/7. We always believe in providing the simplest, quickest and most cost effective way to get your document printed and bind them according to your needs. Our online printing service platform allows you to configure and upload from your computer, laptop or even mobile phone without having to install additional software.

At Page Eight, you can order as low as 1 copy at an affordable pricing. We serve you the best by using the latest digital document printing techniques and equipment in order to provide you the best quality output as well as efficiency. Reach out to any of our customer service if you need larger quantities in your document printing, we’re capable of offering you competitive pricing.

Price Calculator

A single sheet of paper has two sides.

Single sided means your document will be printed on one side only on a sheet of paper.

Double sided means your document will be printed on both sides on a sheet of paper.

B&W printing only : If you have 100 pages to be printed, we will print your document in B&W setting from page 1 to 100.

Color printing only : If you have 20 pages to be printed, we will print your document in Color settings from page 1 to 20.

B&W + Color printing : If you have a mixture of B&W and Color printing. For example, Page 1 to 35 is B&W printing and page 36 to 40 in Color Printing. Please take note, clients are required to enter which pages to be in Color before checkout.

Please key in the number of pages, not the number of paper sheets. One sheet of paper has two pages.


Example 1 : If you have 100 pages to be printed double sided, you need to enter 100, not 50.


Example 2 : If you have 80 pages to be printed single sided, you need to enter 80.

(Min: 1, Max: 9999)
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