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Posters are modern day advertising. Be it idly stationed for personal viewing or illustrated by a presenter, posters are perfect communication for conferences, meetings, events, product launches and many more.


A high quality and well-designed posters deliver a strong message and helps you to stand out. Posters design can often be a long process but here at Page Eight, we are ready to advise, assist and help you all the way through.


We print all sizes, vertical or horizontal posters. Our full colour and printing options are eye-catching and comes with an unbeatable quality in the market! Our exclusive Fujifilm UV Ink printer prints super-duper and impressive high quality posters that no other local printers are able to do so; not even close to it! Every fine print is slightly embossed and can be feel by swiping across your finger. 


Do get in touch with us if you require a specific requirement or unit not available in our site. Need a fast turnaround? We offer same day poster printing on selected product.