Kalkulator Harga

Geometric box - 50mm (W) x 50mm(D) x 50mm (H) (PE02)Handbag box - 65mm (W) x 45mm(D) x 35mm (H) (PE03)Cookies box - 110mm (W) x 40mm(D) x 165mm (H) (PE04)V-Box - 105mm (W) x 60mm(D) x 175mm (H) (PE05)
Jumlah : RM 130.00
Harga seunit :RM 1.30

Anggaran Jumlah : RM 130.00

The most exciting time of the year that you have been waiting for! It’s your big day, your celebration and most of all moment!

A personalized door gift box for your special day will create unforgettable reflection of how you felt. It’s perfect for storing door gifts for weddings, birthdays, showers, engagements and other events. Plus, your door gift box will not be overlooked by your guest.

Our various models of door gift boxes would help you in your door gift ideas search. Get these fully personalized door gift box in your favourite color coordinating with your celebration theme. You can easily change background, add photos, use different type of fonts and colors with our online design studio.

Finished boxes will come flat (unfolded) and requires simple folding to assemble it with no extra adhesive needed to be applied on the boxes.