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Often representing the lighter, fun style of badge, button badges are a great way to boost your company’s message, to communicate a new initiative or to celebrate a special occasion. 


Completely customisable, our button badges can be used to promote any type of event.


If you’re running a promotion, a giveaway, celebrating an occasion, or you want to publicise a simple, clear message to your customers then our custom button badges can be the perfect addition to your event.


At Page Eight, we offer circular, square and rectangular personalised badges in varying sizes and styles to ensure your message packs a punch.


Our button badges are available in a variety of sizes, with the 58mm button badges being the most popular, along with 32mm. 

  • Logo-matching colours available to order
  • Great way for businesses to communicate a simple message
  • Available in the following sizes:  58mm (Round)
  • Rapid production times, quick turnaround

Minimum order of 10 badges